This is a Master study I did of one of my favorite Superman Artists of all time Kurt Swan. This drawing comes out of a 1983 Golden Book Titled; "How To Draw Superheroes." My teacher Josef Rubinstein told me about this book and suggested I draw every illustration in the book so here it goes...

This first drawing is a Master Study I did of Kurt Swan's Laying. I think being able to see Swan's mannequin is one of the most helpful and interesting aspects of this how to draw book. The grey shadow pattern is not apart of Swan's original drawing and is something I did to establish a light source on the figure for when I color it.

This is the final Completed illustration. I added all the color to make things fun and work on my skills as a colorist.

I've finally compiled the first chapter of my over the top martial arts webcomic worlds deadliest into a PDF Download. This digital comic book has a lot of content I have never published on online and you can download it for free. Featuring art work from Comic Book legend Josef Rubinstein, Sam Kressin and Kiyoshi Nakazawa. Just put your name and email in the box below after that you will have to check your email and confirm your email (this insures us that you aren't a spam bot) and I will send you a link to download the comic immeditaley. You will continue to receive an email from us each month about all of our latest comics, behind the scenes sketches and art work, more freebies and awesome stuff opt out any time.



About Worlds Deadliest; Created in 2012 by Sam Kressin World’s Deadliest is a Series of illustrations and a webcomic inspired by the most, iconic over the top, old-school martial arts mail order advertisements ever made. The story Follows a young student of Karate as he travels the world to learn from the deadliest martial arts masters. See the video below for more details... [embed=videolink]{"video":"","width":"400","height":"225"}[/embed]

A Master Study of the Squash and Stretch Prinicipal from the Famous Artist Cartoon Course Lesson 6, "Anatomy." Primsa Color Markers and Pencils in a Mole Skin Sketch Book.
A Master Study of the Golf Swing from the Famous Artist Cartoon Course Lesson 6 Anatomy. Prisma Color Markers and Graphite in a Mole Skin Sketch Book.
Master Study Sketch from Famous Artist Cartoon Course Lesson 6 Anatomy. Prisma Color Markers and Graphite in a Mole Skin Sketch Book.