Master Study from Famous Artsit Cartoon Course Lesson 6 Anatomy. This was a really fun page to draw. After penciling in the page I tried experiementing a little bit with some Prisma Color Markers as I'd like to be come more adept at coloring my own work.

I visited the La Brea Tar Pits and drew these skulls from the actual Saber Tooth Tigers (actually called Saber Tooth Cats) they have on display there. Nothing compares to drawing these things from real life.

All the rewards from my Kickstarter this past December are finished and everything will be mailed out on Friday! You can check it all out and see what everything looks like in the source link. Source: 


This is a head study I did of a quick guestrual water color demo my teacher Josef Rubinstein did from memory. Scroll down to see Joe's painting. After completing this exercise and looking at mine next to Joes the biggest area I need to focus on to improve is to make my edges softer. Joe has really soft edges on his painting making it look more believable than mine. Joe said something along the lines of, "when you look at the subject and squint down the hardest edge you see is the only hard edge you paint." I also need to make my values darker on the neck and bottom of the head as the form is turning away from the light. 

The Strength Monsters Backboard Sketches are finished everyone who supported my last Strength Monsters Kickstarter at the $75 level or higher will get one of these original full color backboard Sketches by me with their comics. You can check them all out in individual high resolution scanns in this members only post here; Strength